Products provides access to several products to help undertand, visualize and celebrate the heritage of wolf or wolf pack.

These include Pedigree Charts to reveal the heritage of a gene pool and Family Trees to show the descendants of parental wolves. Pedigree Charts and Family Trees may be orderd on parchment-like paper in the forms of posters. Detailed family histories are also available as books which in pedigree charts, family, trees, writtens histories of wolves and packs and photoghs when available. Simple examples are shown below.

Pedigree poster on official paper of the Family Tree of wolf 21M  
Family tree poster on official paper of the descendants of the Alberta, Canada reintroduction  
Book cover of the family history of British Columbia wolf packs 
Table of Contents for British Columbia Wolf Pack history 
To order Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy products from, click on the ORDER PHOTO BOOKS AND POSTERS link on the top right-hand side of the main page. 

This will take you to MyCanvas, an affiliate of Ancestry. Here you will find content and pricing information for photo books, collage posters, calendars, family history books and family tree posters. 

Simply select your product and then a starting wolf. The site will have drop-down wolf information from the specific collar number you provide. For example, select family tree and then a standard poster. Then select 21M as your starting wolf. 

MyCanvas will automatically populate your poster with the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy tree information that pertains to the long-time alpha male of the Druid Peak Pack. Your poster will then be generated when you select continue. Play around with the options and products before you place an order. You can even save your projects and come back to them at a later date.

How to Use Ancestry


Ancestry requires that all users have an invitation from Wolf Genes to access the Wolf Family Tree (information below on how to get your invitation). But first some aspects of what you can see and do in Ancestry.


As a guest to Ancestry Family Tree you have viewing rights and can add helpful comments to the tree. You can access the tree by hovering your cursor over Family Trees in the navigation bar and selecting the tree from the drop down list. This will take you to the Pedigree view of the tree shared with you.


Along the top of this view, you’ll see various links and buttons. Each of these is defined and explained below.

Tree Pages - Found just to the right of the tree name, this drop down menu gives you options for Family Group Sheet, Tree Overview, Media Gallery, and Tree Settings (more below).

Pedigree - Displays the Pedigree view for the tree.

Family - Brings up the Family view for the tree. 

Family Group Sheet - Displays a Family Group Sheet for the individual you have selected.

Tree Overview - The overview page allows you to quickly review recent updates to the tree, and a summary of the information.

Media Gallery - Pulls up the media gallery for this tree. By default, it shows all media. You can also choose a specific section, such as Photos, Stories, Audio, or Video.

Find a person in this tree - Lets you enter the name of a wolf in order to go to that wolf’s profile page quickly.

Home Person - Takes you to the profile page of the wolf you’ve selected as the Home Person.

Last Viewed - Gives you quick access to the individual profile page you viewed last.

List of all people - Displays a list of all wolves in the tree, allowing you to quickly navigate to a specific individual.

Home Person - Quickly takes you to the pedigree/family view for the home

Return to (individual) - Resets the tree Zoom in/zoom out - Lets you adjust how you view the

Printer Friendly - Allows you to print the pedigree/family view you have

ADD COMMENTS As a contributor you can also add comments to the tree. To do this, hover your cursor over the name of a wolf in the tree and click on View Profile. Once you are in the profile of a wolf you can read all about the facts and information related to that wolf.

For additional navigation and contributor help, click the HELP button in the top navigation bar of the site. From there, using the Support Center to answer general and even some specific questions can be very helpful.


Everyone is invited to view the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy tree as a guest. To recieve your invitation, send an email request to  Include your first and last name and postal address. Once Wolf Genes receives your email, we will send an invitation to create your account.  Your invitation will arrive in your email box directly from


Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy and the Wolf Genes Project Team receives no money for this tree or for the ordering of any products related to the tree. When you order products such as posters or photo books, your payment for those products goes directly to an affiliate of


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