Project Leaders


Jim Halfpenny:   President of A Naturalist's World with emphasis on carnivores, cold and the Arctic. He is author of Charting Yellowstone Wolves and Discoverin Yellowstone Wolves. Each year he produces the laminated chart to the wolves of Yellowstone.

Leo Leckie:  Research Associate for A Naturalist’s World. Among his varied areas of interest and study is a passion for Yellowstone wolf and pack histories, science and research, and current issues. He also works extensively studying the badgers of Yellowstone.  Leo is employed by the Yellowstone Association and is Vice President of the Bear Creek Council. Leo writes for



Brad Bulin:   Brad is a wildlife biologist who has taught science at the K–12 and college levels and conducted extensive field research on carnivores, raptors, amphibians, and plants. He is a professional wildlife cinematographer who spends considerable time capturing Yellowstone on camera.


Melba Coleman: Melba is an advocate of all things wild. She loves nature and its extremes. She is a wildlife warrior and, most importantly to her, a voice for the wolf since 2005.


Shawnee Good: Shawnee works for Xanterra Parks and Resorts and for A Naturalist's World.  Her hobbies include Yellowstone animal watching and photography. Her favorite activity in Yellowstone is watching the colorful sunsets which fill the sky and color the mountains. 


Carolyn Harwood:   Carolyn is a Resident Instructor for the Yellowstone Association Institute.  Her first sighting of a wild wolf was in 2002, when she watched the Druid Peak Pack on a successful hunt in Lamar Valley.  Since then, she has studied wolves in literature and in the field, and enjoys teaching Yellowstone Association Institute courses about wolves and the ecosystem that they call home.


Kathie Lynch:   Kathie's passion is watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park. She enjoys helping park visitors learn about the wolves, especially their behavior and individual life stories. Kathie is on the Board of the Wolf Recovery Foundation.


Doug McLaughlin:   Doug has 3 daughters in Oregon, Washington and Kyrgyzstan.  His full time partner is a long-haired German Shephard “Jake."  Doug was in the thoroughbred horse industry and developed an on-farm test that prevents foal mortality from reacting to their mother’s colostrum.  His passions are wolves, contributing to,, Wolf Charts and other wolf-related publications.  He owns Optics Yellowstone, renting and selling Swarovski Spotting Scopes and Binoculars.


Darrin Moret:   Darrin’s interest in wolves spans over twenty years. His first sighting of a wild wolf, 965M of the Prospect Peak Pack, helped transform this interest into the passion it is today. His self-journey into the Yellowstone ecosystem includes classes at the Yellowstone Association Institute and a self-study at A Naturalist’s World.


Mary Strickroth:   A new Gardiner resident and an outdoor enthusiast who has hiked, backpacked, skied, and snowshoed throughout the Northern Range. She first became interested in Yellowstone's wolf reintroduction seven years ago when she was took a winter field course from the Yellowstone Association Institute. Mary lived for 3 winters at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch where she worked as a volunteer program assistant and supported numerous courses in wolf ecology, wildlife biology, landscape photography, geology and snow tracking.


Laurie Lyman: Laurie came to Yellowstone because of the wolves. She was a teacher in San Diego when she became interested in wolves and started to spend summers and many weekends in the Park. When she found a house in Silver Gate, she realized that her dream of living in the mountains and being near wolves could become a reality. Laurie retired from teaching and began her life in the Park advocating for wolves. Laurie has written about the lives of wolves everyday for 10 years because she wants the wolves to tell their own true story through her writings. Find her at

Financial Supporters


Tracy Arthur, Kathleen Betters, Marilyn Mills


Sara Cope, Robert J. Cutrupi, Denny Emory, Karol Henckel Miller, Darrin Moret, Loretta Stadler


Alan Blair, Joni Campbell, Joy Carlough, Dorothy des Lauriers & Ted Panzer, Carolyn Golba, Wayne Hall, Stephanie Holeve, Gary Hoshiyama & Patricia Wood, Denise Parker, Palma Rhoades, Jo Richards, Tom Robertson, Linda Seaman, Jeanne Muellner Stacey, Curt Starr, Lisa Trankley


Candace Allen, Warren Bergholz, Cathy Correa, David Egan, Russ Kehler, Mike Kenyon, Thomas Major, Adrienne Papazian, Jack Rantowich, Simon Shaw, John & Tricia Wardlaw, Virginia Wolfe, West Yorkshire

BETA: $100

Ralph Alley, George & Susan Andrews, Denny Arter, Gary Barrett, Vivian Bast, Theresa Bielawski, Lori Boone, Jane Britton, Harold Brown, Steven Bruckner, Susan Carberry, Leonard Carolan, Susan G. Clark, Mrs. Ulle L. Clark, John Collins, Dylan Corbin, Courtney Cordray, Colette Daigle-Berg, LaRita Desimpel, Pamela Doidge, Alexa Donovan-Bowers, Connie & Tom Dotzenrod, Karen Enderson, Amy & Rich Fowler, Sue Gallagher, John R. Gann, Nancy Gentzel, Mike Harris, Bob & Nell Harvey, Kimber Hendrix, Mark Hudnall, Keren M. Humphrey, Sarah Jackson, David James, Jill Jaynes, Bree Jashin, Connie Medlock Jeffcoat, Joseph Kaisler, Bill Kappa, Jeremy Kett, Rob Lawrence, Wendy Lien, James Lofgren, Marcia Maroon, Dana McDaniel, Dennis McLevaine, Teresa Meachum, Jennifer Miller, Melody Moorehouse, Robyn Mosier, Edyta Nowak, David & Stephanie Oglesby, Allen Ollis, Donna & Jim Onstott, Elyse Panici, Carrie Peterson, Martha Poggi, Theresa Potts, Charles Y. Pyle, West Sussex, Linda Thurston, Theresa Tibbels, J.H. van Minnen, Cathy Waxler, Honey Wayton, Wolf Park Inc., Karen Wolfe, Valerie Yakemchuk, Mark Zborowski/H3>

OMEGA: $50

Julie Argyle, Chad, Traci & Zac Arnold, Susan Babich, Norm Bishop, Tyler Brasington, Heidi Clark, Vivien Clark, Tammi L Corchero, Alicia Crabbe, Ruth W. Crocker, Hugh Curtis, Terry Deal, David & Sharon Dunn, Rags Edward, Emily Engelman, Chloe Fessler, James Floyd, Marshall & Linda Glenn, Thomas Gootz, Anne Griggs, Robert Hansen, Shirlee Harris, Dana Kellogg, Josephine Kelsey, Kevin Krasnow, Joanna Lambert, April Landale, Scott Landale, Barbara Lee, Judy Lehmberg, Karla Leithoff, Grace Lossman, Jean Macleod, Rick & Cyndi Matzick, Bill & Karen Miles, Christine Millsaps, Vicki Minahan, Mami Morita, Laura Nix, David Noland, Sandy & Bob Nye, Sandra Nykerk, Karin Occhialini, Sally Owen-Still, Kathy Powell, Mary Price, Sandy Hruby, Doug Sangster, Robert Schmidt, John Scott, Debbie Shepherd, Pixie Siebe, Patricia Stock, Gloria Straube, Debra Taylor, Sue Timm, Anita Varley, Deanna Wehrung, Anne Willard


Kathleen Adams, Gloria Altieri, Angel Amaya, Joan K. Amero, Leslie Bailey, Pamela Baillio, Charles Barnett, Shauna Baron, Paiula Bartel, Debra Beaver, Debra Borowski, Steve Brewer, Vicki Brown, Vicki Buckrop, Erwin Burema, William Busta, Cindy Campbell, Janet Caruso, Christy Chaney, Aimee Chlebnik, Janine Clemmons, Karen Collander, Kevin Cox, Nancy Curtis, Elizabeth Downey, Michele Eckhardt, Tiffany Elliott, Diane Ellis, Karlene Fry, Virginia Garland, Christy Gerrits, Terry Graham, Emerald Gustowt, Greg Guthenberg, Lindsey Hinmon, Jan Hodge, Joan Holzer, Steve Horan, Denise Hughett, Barbara E. James, Dennis Jeffers, Sian Jones, Susan Jones, Dona Just, Randy Knaggs, Dave & Marcia Lamkin, Rick Lamplugh, Steve Laughrun, Libby McLaren & Robin Flower, Karen Lyon, Martie Maires, Chris Mars, Betsy Hollenbaugh Martin, Catherine Moore, Elizabeth Moroney, Michael Murphy, Launce Mustoe, Scott Newth, Mark Ode, Tom O'Dowd, Pat Owsley, Ellen Paisal, Beth Phillips, Jim Piani, Christina Picchi, Debbie Pierce, Ilona Popper, Carolyn Preston, Jeanne Rasmussen, Chaud Richards, Norma Roberts, Clay Rouse, Victoria Samuel, Eliza Schmidt, Diane Schultz, Ron Schuyler, Robert M. Sciolino, Ed Shapland, Jill Shultz, Marlene Sigman, Monty Sloan, Walt Snover, Janet Sorrell, Ron Sterbenz, Nikki Stine, Mary Strickroth, Douglass Swanson, Winston Thomas, Thomas Thorp, Mike Tillmans, David Titley, Kaylyn Van Ostran, Diane Walker, Nancy Warren, Katsumi Watanabe, Luann Watson, Abigail West, Shelley Wolfe, Nancy Wracher, Joyce Wycoff

PUP: $5

T. E. Bennett, Niki Conrad, Patia Douglas, Michael Dressel, Bill Hargenrader, Gero Heine, John T. Humphrey, Elizabeth Lambert, Lauren Levine, Melissa McKibben, David Marx, John McKean Pruitt, Bill Shell, Massimo Sommacal




Many people helped with writing the books that form the basis for Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy. Thanks are owned to all listed below. To anyone that we may have missed, we apologize.

Erin Albers, Emily Almberg, Val Asher, Renee Askins, Ed Bangs, Shauna Baron, Jack Bean, Marissa Bendickson, Bob Barber, Norm Bishop, Steve Braun, Wayne Brewster, Brad Bulin, George Bumann, Pam (Gontz) Cahill, Diane Carson, Kira Cassidy, Stacey Churchwell, Lynn Coy, Bob Crabtree, Chase Davies, Renee Evanoff, Hank Fischer, Joe Fontaine, Marlene Foard, Steve Fritz, Brad Garfield, Deb Guernsey, Kim Hart, Cindy Hartman, Dan Hartman, Mark Johnson, Mike Jimenez, Marsha Karle, Bob Landis, Barbara Lee, Rosco Luther, Kathie Lynch, Laurie Lyman, Dan Lyman, John Mack, Dan MacNulty, Cheryl Matthews, Ralph Maughan, Rick McIntyre, Doug McLaughlin, Matt Metz, Mark and Jennifer Miller, Kerry Murphy, Elizabeth Murray, Peter Murray, Don Nelson, Brandi Nichols, Alan and Sue Oliver, Barry O'Neill, Diane Papineau, LuRay Parker, Jim Peaco, Belinda Peck, Lance Peck, Mike Philips, Rebecca Raymond, Teri Reese, Drew Ross, Mike Ross, Janet Ross, Carrie Schaeffer, Doug Smith (Wolf Project Leader), Doug Smith (veterinarian), Dan Stahler, Diann Thompson, Linda Thurston, Jon Trapp, Pat Tucker, Joe Vandersnick, John Varley, Nathan Varley, Sue Ware, Bruce Weide, B.D. Wehrfritz, Bob Weselmann, and Alice Whitlaw.

Central to the knowledge base of Yellowstone wolves is the Yellowstone Wolf Project. If the reader sees a fact, somehow it is related to or derived from the efforts of personnel at the Yellowstone Wolf Research Project. It is important to note that one biologist or person may report ideas or findings that are, in fact, the result of many researchers and volunteers collaborating with the Wolf Project and with the Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy. To each of the volunteers, official and non-official, who helped, especially for their long, cold hours, we also give special thanks. We thank everyone who has contributed to the historical development of ideas, concepts, and research.


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